SwissEnergy AG, based in Switzerland, is an asset portfolio manager in the energy sector and think tank for company development.
The company wove a worldwide network with local experts, providing services in the renewable energy sector.

Industry Development

EUREKA! We would like to celebrate with you our invention, how to export an industry for the production of wind turbines to the places of electricity demand.

SwissEnergy AG wove a worldwide service network with local experts in the renewable energy sector.

Renewable Energy

SwissEnergy AG invests in renewable energy production for powering a cleaner, more productive world.


United Energies – a brand of SwissEnergy.

SwissEnergy AG registered the trademark „United Energies“ for providing the highest quality standards for tomorrow´s profitable and environmental friendly energy supply.


In labs and factories, SwissEnergy AG is developing the next industrial era in emerging and major markets to move, power and progress the world.