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Basic principles

Based on the International Conventions of Labour Organization, SwissEnergy adheres to International Standards regarding such questions as freedom of associations, salary, working hours and working conditions, remuneration of employees for their efforts, social insurance, offering of paid holidays, occupational health etc.

Employee motivation

The motivational system for employees of the group, which includes both material and immaterial incentives, aims at attraction and retention of qualified personnel, an increase in the interest of employees in the labor results.

The remuneration system of SwissEnergy stipulates the establishment of job salaries and tariff rates under consideration of the employee’s qualification and business qualities, current awards for the results of production activities, additional payments and surcharges depending on labor conditions and the volume of work performed, single time bonuses (among others for putting in place new production capacities and construction objects, integration of new technologies, savings of new energy resources, opening of new markets) and also bonuses based on general work results.

For the stimulation of leading employees of SwissEnergy and of its main subsidiaries for operational control on ships, railroads, barges and on terminals, are provided:

  • System of an yearly bonus which considers the fulfillment of general corporate and individual key indicators for the company’s activity includes:
    • Costs decrease in the purchase of goods or their extraction / mining
    • Costs decrease in the transportation of goods
    • Sales volume among the whole chain of products in natural expression
    • Costs decrease on the purchase of goods (work, services) and also commissioning of priority production objects
  • Program of management participation in the statutory capital of SwissEnergy aiming at long-term motivation of key employees of the company in increasing the share value
Social policy (I)

The social policy is an inherent part of the human resource policy and aims at providing the company with competitive advantages on the labor market, creation of an efficient system of social protection for the employees.

Social policy (II)

The basic principle of the realization of social security is the principle of social partnership – a constructive and mutual dialogue between employer and employees directed towards the regulation of social-labor relationships.

The social policy in SwissEnergy aims at securing the balanced and partner relations between employers and employees.