Foreword of the General Manager

Bribery is a criminal act. It leads to a series of sanctions in form of penalties and disciplinary measures. SwissEnergy takes a clear position with regard to bribery and corruption. An offer, giving, allowance, extortion and acceptance of bribes is for SwissEnergy not acceptable. There is a widespread opinion that combating corruption is not safe, since the corrupt person is obviously more powerful having access to an administrative resource. One shouldn’t exaggerate the danger from corrupt persons. As a rule those are people for whom the methods of criminal repressions are not acceptable.

We hold on to the principle of corruption non-acceptance in any forms and manifestations (“Zero Tolerance Principle”).

SwissEnergy expects from its clients, counterparties, partners the adherence to the standards related to the management of conflicts of interest and corruption countering.

The principles and standards of the management of interest conflicts and corruption counteractions are set for all companies of the SwissEnergy Group, which enables unity and coherence in the management of the compliance risk.   


The management has taken into account events directed to corruption prevention and counter-actions. The work in this direction is performed on a continuous basis and in accordance with the current legislation and with internal company documents including the Code of Conduct. 

If you have any concerns that the receipt or exercise of any payment or any specific actions could constitute a breach of anti-corruption regulations, including theft or fraudulent actions, you will find in the area “Safety Standard” of the SE network an electronic mail which functions for the collection of information directed to the prevention of corruption.